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WotNot Music: interview + mix

Brytyjska wytwórnia WotNot Music to jedna z ciekawszych nowych firm, które ostatnimi czasy pojawiły się na coraz bardziej zatłoczonej scenie klubowej. Choć w jej nagraniach często słychać te najnowsze elektroniczno-zbasowane brzmienia i trendy, WotNot to oficyna, która nie obawia się również ładnych a nawet wylewnych melodii czy piosenek. To właśnie owa "muzyczność" a nie technologia jest tutaj najważniejsza i wyróżnia firmę na rynku.
Wymykające się stylistycznym szufladkom publikacje z logo WotNot regularnie prezentuję w niedzielnej Funkadelii - zawsze ku zadowoleniu wielu słuchaczy. Mam nadzieję, ze z przyjemnością posłuchacie również ekskluzywnego miksu firmy Wot Not wypełnionego wyłącznie muzyką z jej katalogu (w miksie wiele niepublikowanych utworów) i z ciekawością przeczytacie co o wytwórni ma do powiedzenia Arun Sethi, czyli Charo, wokalista, producent i przede wszystkim jeden z szefów wytwórni.

Arun Sethi / Charo

What's the main idea / philosophy behind the WotNot music? How it all started?
Growing up together, we always shared a philosophy about music. When we (Charo and JJ Mumbles) started WotNot, there was a load of great music we were hearing that didn't really have an outlet in the UK. There were a lot of good people making good music, so it seemed natural to try and bring these people together.

So seems like WotNot Music is more like a familly affair...
We definitely feel like a family, a movement - we like to hang out, play/make music and eat good food together!! While it's only two of us doing the day-to-day running of it, there's 20-30 people we consider WotNot family, all great people and really talented musicians who see as much of as possible.

How would you describe WotNot sound?  What makes it different?
The thing that ties our sound together is that it's music that we like personally. So it's not a particular style, genre or sound palette, more a way of thinking about music that stems from growing together musically.

Who records for WotNot Music?
Aside from us, JJ MUMBLES and CHARO, we have about 10 acts working on material.
DA-10: our first release for WotNot was DA-10's "The Future Is Futureless". We're so lucky to have found these guys as they really underline what we're all about. It's two guys playing 100% hardware, two vintage Roland synths and an MPC with a few FX modules. There are no computers and their show is 100% live too, so it's really pushing the boundaries of electronic music.
K15: K is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent guys we know, especially when it comes to music and politics. He's always introducing the whole crew to new artists, from Jazz legends like Kaidi Tatham to new people, he was the first of us onto Robert Glasper for example. His music really reflects this knowledge, full of the spirit of jazz and soul but always forward thinking.
DEFT: Deft is blowing up right now, his EP on Rwina is brilliant. He has a depth of sound to his productions that is pretty much unrivalled, and his range of styles is great too, from hard, dark dance-floor-fillers to spaced out grooves. "The Clotting EP" on WotNot was our first vinyl release and a fitting one at that.
CHESSLO JUNIOR: we found Chesslo on Soundcloud and were blown away by his ability to make really fresh and original music that really ties into what's going on at the same time. Alpine Riddim is unique in the footwork genre, and his remix on the Deft EP was just mind blowing.
Forthcoming releases are coming from REAL, who's a very talented guy from the north of England; GLENN ASTRO, whose MPC house has amazing feel to it and has made fans of the likes of Move D; and SATELLITE 100, made up of Jeeks and Jon Phonics, two very funky guys from the UK.

JJ Mumbles
What makes an artist right for the label?
We have two criteria for new music, it has to be soulful and it has to be creative. Obviously, all music is creative but we look for people who think differently and don't tie themselves down too much genre-wise. On top of that, all the people we work with are good people. That's really important to us, because WotNot is a family as much as it is a music company.

How big is your catalogue?
We have 5 releases out at the moment, with the next 4 already lined up. But we didn't want to just pump out music like we see some other smaller labels doing. We want to take our time with each one, learning and making things better each time.

Do you release vinyls?
Yes! We have a massive love for vinyl, so when we can, we put stuff out on wax.

What's your biggest success / achievement so far?

Every little achievement makes look at what the next bigger thing we can do. People who we look up to are starting to hear and like our music, and every time that happens we get very excited!

What can we expect from WotNot music in the coming months?

We've got the Chesslo EP dropping and a REAL single with a very nice Blacksmif remix. We've also got a few club nights / gigs with WotNot acts lined up in London and Brighton, we're working on making 2013 the year we start to play lots of other places.

Please, tell us about the mix you've prepared...
We've tried to take a favourite past or upcoming release from every artist we're working with. OK, there are a few things we've held back, but there are a few exclusives on there too!

WotNot message to the world?
Be good to each other.

WotNot family

WotNot 'Past and Present' Mix by Charo


DA-10 -Hyacinth (WOT001)
Charo -Floating Free (JJ Mumbles Espadrille Skank Remix) (WOT005)
K15 -You're Alive (There's Still Time) (forthcoming)
DA-10 -Respirator (forthcoming)
JJ Mumbles -Stair (forthcoming)
Real -My Resignation (Blacksmif Re-stitch) (WOT007 -out October)
JJ Mumbles -Boxes & Buttons feat. Nadina (U. YO LOVE Remix) (WOT002)
Glenn Astro -The Power (forthcoming)
Deft -Clotting (Jimmy Edgar Blend Gradience) (WOT004)
Bludfruit -At This Hour (forthcoming)
K15 -Nanosmiles (WOT003) Chesslo Junior -Move South (Manni Dee Vinyl Only Remix) (WOT006 -out September)
Deft -Thought You'd Fancy It (Chesslo Junior Remix) (WOT004)

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